I'm Heather, the owner and main photographer behind 555 Photography. I am a caffeine addicted semi-grownup that never really grew out of the horse crazy phase.  I am mom to Shelby and Cody and wife to Jason. I love Mexican food, dark roast coffee, and the smell of fresh cut hay. Mini donkeys are the cutest creatures on the planet (other than my Buboy) and I will squeal if I see them in fields beside the road. I can talk horses for hours on end if you let me and I laugh at dad jokes. My iPhone contains every type of music ever created and I am a professional at car ride karaoke. 

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Whether you need images for a magazine ad or just want some cute pics of your steed to show off on social media and hang up in your room, your session is tailored to your needs. Have a spooky horse that thinks everything will kill him? No worries, we will take however long we need to make sure he's comfortable. We will laugh, talk, and share stories about our horses. I will make sure your hair is sitting just right and that your horse looks his best. Be prepared for Dad jokes, I have a list of them and won't hesitate to tell a few to help you loosen up. When you have a session with me, you'll have gained another horse crazy friend. And who doesn't need more of those?!

I am a transplant to North Carolina by way of the Marine Corps. I grew up in a small town near Pittsburgh and as much as I begged, my mom never did let me have a pony. I was 21 when I finally bought my first horse, Harlee. She is still with me 10 years later. I now own 3 horses, including the love of my life, Playboy (I call him Buboy). I think he is the most handsome animal to ever grace this planet and no one will ever convince me otherwise. 

My husband, Jason, has been in the horse industry since he was a teenager, training and riding horses. I stumbled onto barrel racing thanks to him and we spent a few years hauling all over the southeast to shows. We met a lot of amazing people that made me truly fall in love with the sport. 

When I picked up a camera for the first time at the end of 2015, I knew equine photography was going to be my thing. There wasn't even a question in my mind what I wanted to focus my entire business on: horse shows and horses. I officially started this business in 2016, traveling to horse shows and shooting sessions on the weekends we were not on the road.  Five years and a whole lot of upgrades, experience and learning opportunities later and here we are. I am beyond grateful to my husband and kids for allowing me to do this job I am blessed to have. It's not easy being on the road at times, but they still come along to almost every show. 

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it all started with my camera.

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