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I'm Heather, the owner and main photographer behind 555 Photography. I am a caffeine addicted semi-grownup that never really grew out of the horse crazy phase. I am mom to Shelby and Cody and wife to Jason. I love Mexican food, dark roast coffee, and the smell of fresh cut hay. Mini donkeys are the cutest creatures on the planet (other than my Buboy) and I will squeal if I see them in fields beside the road. My iPhone contains every type of music ever created and I am a professional at car ride karaoke.

If you're looking for someone who not only understands your obsession with your horse but will talk horses with you for hours, you've come to the right place! I am just as obsessed with my horse as you are with yours and I will probably baby talk your horse and feed him peppermints if you let me. I bring about a hundred random props and accessories to help get and keep your horse's attention so he looks as majestic as possible. Don't worry, I have a wide range of things to use whether your steed is nervous and spooks at grass moving or could take a nap beside a train station, we can handle it!

caffeine addicted | horse obsessed

Hey! I'm Heather